General Casting Services

InnoCAD will gladly service your casting needs from your waxes or molds. Gold and silver casting is processed utilizing an Indutherm VC600V while platinum and palladium are cast using a Seit vacuum assist casting system. For additional information regarding our casting options.

Precious Metal Casting



Excellence in casting

Innovative CAD Technologies offers precious metal casting using our in house team of casting technicians. With many years of casting experience, our results are comparable, if not superior, to the best in the industry. As casting is a science, our casting techs are constantly researching for new and improved methods to ensure excellence in casting results.


The finest, Italian made alloys

One of the least explored areas in the casting community is the choice of alloy material when mixing metals. Traditionally, price was the deciding factor in choosing the alloy. Innovative CAD will only use the finest, Italian made alloys manufactured by ProGold. They achieve a level of perfection through difficult scientific research and although the material is more expensive, the results are superior to other alloy manufacturers.


Platinum and Palladium Casting

For platinum and palladium, we use an Italian casting system, SEIT. his is a proven method of casting, giving the operator total control over the casting environment. Vacuum, natural or argon gas options are available to utilize, depending on the job. This level of control offers excellent results.


Gold and Silver

For gold and silver, we have brought in the very newest and most innovative casting machine The Indutherm VC600V, with vibration technology, produces a denser and virtually porosity free casting. This technology has been used in other industries with superlative results. Finally, Indutherm has brought this utility to our trade. In addition, we will be using only the finest Italian alloys in our metals. Incidentally, you are able to view a sampling chart of the metal colors we are offering.





You guys are great!

You are my go to guys for CAD, prototyping and casting.

Mark Goodman - Goodman Jewelers – Abingdon, VA

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