Rapid Prototyping

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

We offer rapid prototyping from your own virtual CAD model using your choice of Solidscape T66 printer, Envisiontec Perfactory with ERM technology or Gemvision RevoMill. InnoCAD will assist you with the choice of technology that will suit the model best. For more technical information regarding our rapid prototyping options.

Rapid Prototyping Options



Latest in rapid prototyping (CAM) technology

We are proudly offering the best and latest in rapid prototyping (CAM) technology available to date and we pledge to remain pioneers with all the changing technologies in the future.



Innovative CAD takes great pride in our meticulous maintenance and constant calibration of our equipment. We are fully aware that accuracy and success of the prototypes can only be assured by our dedication to the details of keeping the equipment running at 100% efficiency.


Different Rapid Prototyping Machines

Solidscape T66; Envisiontec Perfactory; Gemvision Revo540B milling system.

These three different rapid prototyping machines provide a tremendous advantage to our clients, since various applications and designs require different building methodology.


Solidscape T66

Due to our rapid growth, we have placed our second Solidscape T66 online. The T66 machine is capable of the finest resolution available in rapid prototyping (20 microns which is about 50 layers per millimeter). This system utilizes the "additive" method, commonly called "growing models." The T66 offers some of the finest detailed models available and they are able to go directly to casting. This helps keep all of the details of the design in the final product.


Envisiontec Perfactory

The Envisiontec Perfactory with ERM technology offers very one of the finest resolution available in rapid prototyping. It creates the model with the use of Stereolithography. Stereolithography is a common rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping technology for producing parts with high accuracy and good surface finish. The new ERM (Enhanced Resolution Module) technology doubles the X, Y resolution of the Perfactory. This allows it to produce about 50 layers per millimeter through the "additive" method also known as "growing models." The models are also created in a direct cast resin. This keeps the model from losing detail from prototyping to casting.


Gemvision Revo540B milling system

Another method we offer for prototyping is the "subtractive" method. This is done by using our Revo540B mill. The Revo B multiple axis milling system is the newest and by far the most advanced milling machine for our industry. It was created by Gemvision to specifically work seamlessly with the revolutionary Matrix Jewelry software. Gemvision is the leader in CAD/CAM products. The Revo540 quickly generates a dimensionally accurate wax model ready for casting and is also able to capture the finest details in the original design.





Gary and his whole crew at Innovative are all top notch. We literally work together as a team, they are true professionals.

Jason Wade - Gems by Jason Wade Rockville, MD

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