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Increase Profits


Custom Design is an easy way to increase profits.

When a store no longer has to compete with mass merchandising outlets or online retailers, they have a great opportunity to offer a custom designed, future heirloom piece of jewelry. In this new economy, clientele are still willing to spend their hard earned resources on something of true value that is not commercially available at every bargain basement jeweler.

There is certainly a market for the low end, highly competetive portion of the jewelry industry, but is it really worth the effort and expenses to compete there? With true custom jewelry, you and your staff will create a unique and memorable experience for your customer that will elevate your business to a much higher level than those competing in the low end arena. This creates the opportunity for you to greatly increase your margin while offering a reasonably priced, one of a kind piece to your client.

Provide Greater Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


"The family jeweler"

The exciting, one to one experience of creating a custom design with a client leads to greater customer satisfaction. If he or she is part of the overall process, from design to revision to approval, the customer will be extremely pleased with the result and, consequently, with your services.


The scenario of a satisfied customer goes a long way with glowing recommendations to family members, friends and co-workers. A happy consumer actually helps to sell your services each time they show the custom designed piece of jewelry that they themselves helped design. Can you expect better results using expensive print or broadcast media? Beside increasing your store's profit, you also increase your clientele base with potential new customers simply by receiving the best word of mouth endorsements. You can revert back to the Good Old Days when "the family jeweler" provided peronsalized services to each succeeding generation of family and friends.

Improve Your Visibility


...through Word of Mouth Recommendations

As your client is more and more involved in the Romance of creating a One of a Kind piece of jewelry, the results typcally lead to a customer who is absolutely thrilled with what you have created together. It is extremely important and very easy for you to enhance the custom experience with some additional materials put together just for the customer.


These materials range from a simple photograph of them recieving the item to a small History of the process from concept to creation using digital images and a printer. The addition of these materials serve as an enduring advertisment of your expertise in creating custom jewelry. The client will gladly share the Story of Their Experience with family members, friends and co-workers. Positive feedback fuels the perception of your store and staff as the "go to" experts when someone is shopping for something a little different than the mundane, everyday items that are found in the low end, price only portion of the industry.

Help Build Your Reputation as an Expert in Custom Design


Trusted Expert at Custom Design

Given the relationship between a retail jeweler and their qualified custom jewelry service bureau, your store and staff can be recognized as Custom Design Experts by your retail clients. This expertise comes with almost no additional efforts on your behalf.



The service provider does the work and you and your staff can focus on the clients and the sale. Today, there is no reason not to become a trusted Expert at Custom Design. Your reputation amongst your customers and within the business community will soar.






I really want to thank you Gary for being so great! I am really pleased and I know my client will be as well. I just wanted to thank you for being so patient and really going the extra mile. This is great!!!

Dena Gurewitz Varble - Dena Varble Designs – Mohegan Lake, NY



You guys are great!

You are my go to guys for CAD, prototyping and casting.

Mark Goodman - Goodman Jewelers – Abingdon, VA



Gary and his whole crew at Innovative are all top notch. We literally work together as a team, they are true professionals.

Jason Wade - Gems by Jason Wade Rockville, MD

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