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From concept to reality all within ten business days.

Today's internet resources place Innovative CAD Technology as close as your computer terminal. With either a photograph, fax or email, the CAD Artists at InnoCAD can interpret your client's concept idea. The process is streamlined with either emails or phone calls utilized to minimize any misinterpretations. Once the idea is ready, the store need only await the initial concept renderings that will be transmitted by email once the 3D model is created.

Tweaking of the model is still viable at this point and, upon receiving final approval for the design, the prototyping and casting processes will begin. From concept to reality all within ten business days. We do offer a full array of services under one roof, including CAD artistry, full prototyping, precious metal casting and finishing process. Your business can take advantage of any combination of these services listed which suit your project needs.



With Custom Design, the margins of profit are increasing

We are all aware that today every business is looking for greater profitability. With Custom Design, the margins of profit are increasing as more and more clientele are looking to spend their well earned dollars on something unique and of high quality. It is difficult for a client to compare prices when creating a personalized, one of a kind piece of jewelry.


Consumers are aware of and readily accept the fact that high quality and custom work is priced differently than everyday, mass merchandise.



Specialized knowledge in CAD technology.

Rarely are so many talented individuals brought together as a team under one roof. Our CAD artists have been working in 3D design since its beginning. Innovative CAD has an extremely experienced team of technicians operating all equipment to ensure high quality results. Ownership has been deeply involved in retail operations, designer name manufacturing and the CAD/CAM revolution.


Together, the staff at Innovative CAD Technologies has many years of expertise with the many facets of the jewelry industry and specialized knowledge in CAD technology.

Competitive Pricing


Our attention to detail and quality of each project is a highlight of our commitment to our customers.

At Innovative CAD Technologies, all our pricing is individually based upon the complexity of the work to be performed. We are not in the practice of charging flat hourly rates, as this can lead to difficulty for the store managment to properly quote their clients a price.



We provide a proper quote for each job and explain exactly what services are included for the quoted price. This system helps a store to better estimate the final cost for their consumer. At InnoCAD, we are competively priced and even priced lower than our competitors in many cases. Our attention to detail and quality of each project is a highlight of our commitment to our customers. Each order, large or small, receives the same attention, which leads to a high satisfaction rate from our clients.






I really want to thank you Gary for being so great! I am really pleased and I know my client will be as well. I just wanted to thank you for being so patient and really going the extra mile. This is great!!!

Dena Gurewitz Varble - Dena Varble Designs – Mohegan Lake, NY



You guys are great!

You are my go to guys for CAD, prototyping and casting.

Mark Goodman - Goodman Jewelers – Abingdon, VA

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